FCA US LLC Certified Collision Repair Center

Fuller’s is an FCA Certified Body Shop

FCA produces Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram, and it can be tough to find certified collision repair for your specific make and model. Nevertheless, it’s important that you look for FCA approved auto body shops and not settle for anything less in order to get quality repairs and the customer service that you deserve.

Rest assured, though, when you find yourself in a car accident in Auburn or Worcester county, Fuller’s Collision Center is the best place to go. We have all the necessary equipment as well as the certified technicians to provide all types of repair and replacement services on all FCA vehicles.

Whether you have a Dodge, a Fiat, or any other FCA vehicle, you will get nothing but the best possible auto body repair experience at our Auburn collision center. We service Auburn as well as Worcester MA and the surrounding areas, and we’ll also tow your vehicle to our auto body shop for your peace of mind.

Why You Need a Certified Auburn Collision Center

Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, all of these are exceptional vehicle brands that require professional and experienced care. If you’ve been in an accident and now you’re looking through all the Auburn auto body shops, the last thing you want to do is to settle for a shop that doesn’t have certified technicians and an FCA approved collision repair process. Why?

Well for one, insurance companies don’t like to recommend auto body shops that are not recognized by the leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for glass repair in Worcester or a repair center to provide comprehensive collision repairs, your insurer will direct you to a certified auto body shop.

After all, it’s in your best interest.

At Fuller’s Collision Center, you’ll get certified technicians, a certified repair process for our make and model, and the best customer service in Worcester county.

Certified Technicians who Adhere to OEM Procedures

Every car manufacturer has its own repair process and standards for auto body repair quality, but not every Auburn collision center can meet those standards and requirements. Nevertheless, when you’re looking through Auburn auto body shops to find the best collision center for your make and model, you should never settle for anything less than a certified repair center.

A certified collision repair center will always adhere to the unique repair process outlined by your vehicle manufacturer, and will have the certified technicians necessary to provide your car with the care it deserves. This not only means that your vehicle will get fixed faster, but also that you will get the best auto body parts and the best possible results.

Of course, this translates to higher safety and vehicle performance on the road, as well. Rest assured that you will get a lifetime warranty on all our work for your peace of mind, so you’ll know that the team at Fuller’s Collision Center has got your back.

Get in Touch with Fuller’s Collision Center

Our expert team at Fuller’s Collision Center is here to address your every need, and ensure that you get the best customer service with the best possible collision repair experience in Worcester county. We hope that you will put your trust in our collision repair center much like the insurance companies and the leading manufacturers put their trust in our name.

Our century-long track record speaks for itself, so don’t hesitate to drop by or give us a call. You can also get an estimate online by using our Virtual Estimate tool – simply follow the steps and one of our estimators will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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